Вакансия IT Manager в международную компанию (платежные системы)

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    IT Manager Job descriptions :
    1) Support (including the optimization of reporting to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation) and Fault Tolerance for specific Russian banking applications (Kliko, Comita, Rex400 and other) - on a daily basis (Moscow office);
    2) Sending created electronic messages to the authorized bodies in accordance with the Federal Law 115-FZ within the prescribed period (Moscow office);
    3) Management and support local IT infrastructures - on a daily basis (Moscow office)
    4) Purchase, installation, maintenance, utilization of IT systems (hardware & software).
    5) Database Management - installation, maintenance, reporting, support.
    6) The solution of various issues related to IT in cooperation with external suppliers and contractors/vendors.
    7) Escalation and control over elimination of IT problems (database, network infrastructure, firewall rules, process automation)
    8) Migration local IT systems, if required.
    9) Management and responsible for the implementation of solutions for BCP/DR / backup and rapid recovery, as well as monitoring the implementation of solutions in the Moscow office
    10) Project management, providing IT support for the Moscow office projects

    Special requirements:
    • Fluency in Russian and English languages; a permanent job in Moscow, Russia
    • The real experience of implementation and test plans of BCP/DR /back up and recovery programs after disasters / resiliency in banks or payment systems (training, updating procedures, technical documentation, testing, etc.)
    • The actual management experience (management) of IT projects in the banking and financial sector
    • Experience in IT banking sector in the area associated with support for banking applications (CBR, regulators and so on.) in Russia more than 3 years of which at least 1 in a managerial position.
    • Willingness to work independently and efficiently, focus on dynamic team - productive cooperation with colleagues, support and consulting of business, expertise in the field of IT and CBRF management of IT issues.
    • No restrictions for travel abroad.
    Job responsibilities defined by a group of PP:
    Performing management functions related to IT support for specific systems of Russia and applications. Monitoring the correct operation of these applications and response in the event of faults.

    The responsibilities include:
    1. Support of mission-critical IT infrastructure in Russia
    2. IT support projects using best practices of PayPal Group
    3. End-user support in the office (Level 2 Support)
    4. Ensuring that the IT systems and applications match to local regulatory requirements
    5. Perform project management functions from the IT side. Ensure the timing of new projects, set the current and future regulatory requirements in terms of IT.
    6. Coordination with PayPal Group of solutions management tasks and their potential improvements.
    7. Creation and optimization of documentation to applications and systems from IT side.

    Контактный телефон: 8-963-662-04-54

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